Algeria: Academics condemn a “totalitarian force that values ​​justice”

The National Coordination of Transformation of Algerian Universities (CNUAC) condemned “the use of justice as an instrument of repression in Algeria”.

In a statement, CNUAC affirmed that “the use of justice as an instrument of repression is a violation of fundamental freedoms and cannot in any way solve the ills and troubles of society”.

Young students, university teachers, unions, groups and citizens, as they claim their most basic rights as free citizens, find themselves imprisoned, under arrest warrants or under judicial control, adds Coordination.

These citizens are deprived of an authoritarian, arbitrary and oppressive force, from their right to freedom of expression, in public places, from the governance of their country and the institutions that serve them and embody their aspirations. The coordination is outraged.

CNUAC members warn of the consequences of the denial of the aspirations of the Algerian people that could be “catastrophic” on society and its development.

They condemn with the greatest steadfastness, fear and omerta in which Algerian society is perpetuated.

According to him, “all oppressors cannot and will not destroy the aspirations of the people for freedom and democracy”.

Recently, the forces of the Treaty for the Democratic Alternative (PAD), a collective of several political parties, personalities and civil society representatives in Algeria, called for the establishment of a front to fight for democratic freedoms and against repression in this regard. did. Country.

“The time is critical for our freedom and our rights! », opposed the PAD formed in the wake of the Popular Movement (Hiraq) and in particular the Labor Party, the Socialist Workers’ Party, the Rally for Culture and Democracy, the Union for Change and Progress, Democratic and brought together the Social Movement and the Front of Socialist Forces, as well as the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights.

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In this sense, this group of parties regrets that today, there are about 300 political and opinion prisoners, men and women, including leaders and activists of political parties and unions, academics, journalists and lawyers, many young hiraks and socialists. Media workers are imprisoned and thousands more were arbitrarily prosecuted.

The Pact for the Democratic Alternative qualified as “unbearable” as serious attacks on independence and the appalling living conditions of the vast majority of Algerians.

Members of the PAD also condemn the “instrument of justice” and reaffirm “the demand for the repeal of all freedom-killing laws and in particular Article 87bis of the Penal Code”.

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