Alex Zanardi in coma after terrible handbike crash in Italy

Zanardi, who cut both legs after a motor racing crash almost 20 years ago, lost control of the wheelbarrow machine while competing in the ‘Obiettivo tricolore’ relay race in Tuscany, Italy on Friday.

According to more than one report, the white line crossed the road of an upcoming truck, which could not avoid it.

After the accident, the Italians were blown up to the Santa Maria alle Scotte hospital in Siena, where they spent three hours of emergency neurological surgery for injuries to the face.

On Sunday, the hospital released an updated medical bulletin that said Zanardi’s condition was “serious” but stable.

“The current general conditions of stability still do not allow to exclude the possibility of adverse events.”

Zanardi’s situation was captured in the headlines of all major Italian sports newspapers as the spread of news of the severity of the accident.

“No Alex, no!” said Corrierre dello Sport, Italian prime minister Giusseppe Conte wrote on Twitter: “Come on Alex # Zanardi, don’t give up. All Italy is fighting with you.”

Zanardi competed for Jordan, Minardi and Lotus in F1 before a successful transition to the CART race in the USA, in which he was the serial champion in 1997 and 1998.

He returned to F1 with Williams for one season before returning to the CART series in 1999.

In this formula, he suffered in the famous 320kmh accident at Lausitzring in Germany in September 2001, escaped his life, but lost both legs.

In an incredible show of determination and soul, Zanardi adapted to her prosthetic legs and returned to the competition at the European Touring Car Championship, which went to BMW in 2003.

Daytona to host Alex Zanardi's next miracle moment

But it was for the exploitation of the man in Bologna that he was best known by a worldwide audience and won multiple medals at the 2012 and 2016 Paralympic Olympics and world championships.

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He was training for this year’s Tokyo Paralympics, hoping to add his impressive gold medal until he was delayed.

Zanardi also challenged the Ironman triathlon races and set a new world for a Paralympic athlete in a race in Italy last September and continued to compete specifically for various endurance motorsport events.

The messages of support in the sports world came as former F1 world champion and Indy Car legend Mario Andretti wrote: “I am very worried and afraid about Alex Zanardi. I hold my breath. I am his fan. His friend.

“Please do what I do and pray, pray for this wonderful man,” she tweeted.

“Alex is one of life’s truly inspiring people, and as we all know, a warrior and throughout. Stay strong and Forza Alex,” the former Alex team said on Twitter.

“The war as you know how to do it, Alex. You’re a very good man, your courage,” Ferrari star Charles Leclerc tweeted in Italian.

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