Aldi, Liddell, Iceland and Waitrose have issued emergency warnings to buyers

Large supermarkets are pulling shopping staples from shelves this week after health and safety notices were published online.

Stores such as Liddell, Aldi, Iceland and Waitrose are taking steps to address health and safety issues, reporting BirminghamLive.

Waitrose Foods Standards Agency has published a safety notice on its website and is withdrawing Lidl and Aldio items and offering full refunds to buyers.

Iceland store customers may be affected by FSA product withdrawal notices.

Details of all notifications are below


Liddell on Cottingham Road

Does Liddell GB remember cooking? Light for you for meatballs with pasta and spinach because a packaging error has occurred. Meatballs with pasta and spinach may contain chicken and mushroom pasta in some packets labeled as lighter for you that are not mentioned on the milk label. This means the product poses a potential health risk to anyone, including allergies or intolerances to milk or milk ingredients.

Cologran Stevia Sweetener Tablets:

Packet size: Pack of 300

Batch: L 00083A, L00083B, L00149A

Best before : January and February 2023

Only mature white cheddar:

Packet size: 900g

Best before : December 26, 2020

What’s cooking? Meatballs lighter for you with pasta and spinach:

Packet size: 550 g

Best before : January 5, 2022



Aldi is reminded of frozen packs of two Rooster Southern Fried Poppies ‘Chicken and Rooster Broad Poppins’ Chicken because the products may contain Salmonella.

Southern Fried Poppies’ Chicken for Chicken:

Packet size: 210g

Best before : All dates

Chicken Breaded Poppin Chicken ::

Packet size: 210g

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Best before : All dates


Iceland on Holderens Road
Iceland on Holderens Road

Iceland is reminiscent of Tobix barrels glazes (Tobix ice cream bars) because they contain milk, wheat (glue) and soy that are not mentioned on the label in English. They may contain nuts and hazelnuts and peanuts.

It’s also reminiscent of chip shop curry chicken breast toppers.

Chip Shop Curry Chicken Breast Top:

Packet size: 400 g

Best before

  • February 27, 2021
  • March 17, 2021
  • April 8, 2021

Southern Fried Chicken Popstar:

Packet size: 220 g

Best before: April 4, 2021

Tex ice cream bar:

Packet size: 18

Best before: June 31, 2021



Waitrose & Partners Waitrose Duchy is reminiscent of organic Cypriot holumi because it contains milk that is not mentioned on the label in English. This means the product poses a potential health risk to anyone, including allergies or intolerances to milk or milk ingredients. And retailers are also withdrawing chocolates and burgers from shelves

Easy to cook pork and chorizo ​​burgers

Packet size: 280g

Best before: All packed

Waitrose No. 1 Dominican Republic Milk Chocolate 49%

Batch: 0259

Best before: November 2021

Slow cooked beef and ale pie

Packet size: 400 g

Batch code: L0125

Best before: November 2021

Waitrose Duchi Organic Cypriot Halaumi

Packet size: 225 g

Batch Code: BIO B0530A-3 CY0063

Best before: May 31, 2021

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