Album: What is this new social network launched by Ta whatg Khris?

Riding on the craze of sharing photos and videos on social networks, the famous extreme sports champion Ta theg Khris has just launched the album. A new image-oriented service that emphasizes the protection of privacy.

In 2010, the man, particularly known for his adventures in rollerblades from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, has also become an entrepreneur with his ONOFF telephony application. Since March 20, it has put the online album mobile app on iOS and Android for free.

And if TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are already well established in this niche, the albums intend to differentiate themselves with interesting presentations. Starting with the possibility of storing images in high definition, while the competition presents images that are often compressed to limit storage space in the cloud. If you easily create an account, it is thus possible to select the photos and videos that you want to remove and store on your wall, especially by selecting the quality of the images.

The splitting issue has also been added again. Users are actually invited to create an album that can be completely private or collaborative. The producers of an album will choose which of their friends can contribute to and enrich the album. Thus we can imagine inviting friends who have shared an experience for an evening, a trip or to add their own images.

At the same time, it is possible to associate the album for as long as you want (from a few minutes to several hours or especially a day), time to enrich it before it can no longer be edited by another. Finally, the notion of sharing also includes a QR code system that is automatically generated by the application. All one has to do is flash a friend QR code which will be submitted to him with his smartphone so that he can directly access this album. Finally, an instant messaging system is also integrated.

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End-to-end encryption

Promised as secure by its designers, the album should soon guarantee end-to-end encryption of data, photos and videos passing through its platform. “We have started an accreditation process with ANSSI (National Information Systems Security Agency). We want to ensure that the security of our app is not only a marketing logic, but also matches the needs of specialist security organizations such as ANSSI. This process will take several months but once validated, we will offer one of the safest apps in the world for photos and videos, ”said Tag Khris.

If the latter accepts that the battle for data has been won by GAFAM and there are major American, Chinese and Russian social networks across the planet, the former intends to position the roller-skating champion albums as a European alternative.

Album, on iOS and Android, free.

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