Albie. Societe des Sciences du Tarn: elected office

Following its general general meeting and during the last meeting of its board of directors, the Société des Sciences Arts et Belles-Letres du Tarn proceeded to elect its office. President: Bertrand de Vivius; Vice Presidents: Jean Le Poitier, Alain Soriano; Secretary: Max Eighty; Assistant Secretary: Jean Gasque; Treasurer: Martin Houdet; Assistant Treasurer: Guillaume Grass; Archivist: François Hublot; Newsletter Manager: Michelle Dichard. Member of the Board of Directors Eric Montat, Director of the Tarn Archives; Aimee Balsa, Jean-Louis Biget, Olivier Cabe, Elisabeth Enjalbert, Lise-Marie Garrick, Michel Haudet, Zorah Crouch, Christian Thomaires, Patrick Trouch. The Société des Sciences Arts et Belles-Letres du Tarn (SSABLT) learned association, founded in 1878, is interested in letters, science, art in general, and their relationship with the department of Tarn and its history in particular. As such, it hosts conferences and cultural events at the Tarn Departmental Archives in Alby on the second Wednesday of each month, among other things. It also publishes a bulletin, which contains, in particular, the text of conferences and various studies or communications from members. It publishes or collaborates in editions of works in which it recognizes interest and which it considers faithful to its business. It rewards research work, especially university research, through the “एmile Joliebois” awards. The Société des Sciences Arts et Belles-Letres du Tarn is a member of the Association of Cultural and Intellectual Associations of Tarn and the Historical Association of Midi-Pyrénées.

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