Albie. Researchers’ Night: Science to Share

The 8th edition of European Researchers Night, Friday 24 September, offers excursions, conferences and exhibitions on the subject of travel, real and virtual.

His thing is the planetary, aquatic flatworm, living in the ocean, in fresh water or in a humid environment, a species that has the ability to reproduce. If a part of its body is separated from the rest, the animal completely regenerates the missing part. A fascinating pet for researcher-turned-researcher Caroline Vignette at Champollion University in Alby. She will host eight scientific walks in the streets of Alby on Friday, 24 September, to mark the 8th edition of European Researchers Night. Energy transitions, smart cities, the demonstration of materials, the transformation of metals … Each topic will be taught by researchers from the cole des Mines d’Albe and the Faculty of Champions by walking through areas of the city center suited to the theme (upon registration, up to 15 people , all ages).

“Bringing Science Closer to Society”

“Bringing science closer to society is one of the missions of the cole des Mines, a school of general engineers. This night of researchers contributes to this” welcomes Audrey Lauridan-Baudrier, director of the cole des Mines d’Albi.

About fifteen researchers, teachers and doctoral students from Mines and Champollion University will guide scientific walks (departure and return to cordeliers), lead mystery conferences (guess a doctoral student’s research topic from an image) face-to-face or virtually (One object—a researcher—and you in 10 minutes flat, on online registration on September 23rd and September 25th).

A hybrid version, face-to-face and virtual, “for an 8th edition on the theme of travel that reconnects with an event in the city centre” summarizes Karen Chevalier, Administrative Research Manager at INU Champollion.

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In co-production with CNRS and INRAE

In the two exhibitions on offer (see opposite), the Albigensian association “Pacerel Arts Sciences Technology” will allow you to imagine, hear and feel the first terrestrial atmosphere. A co-production with CNRS and Inrae Occitanie mixing culture and art, supported by the Ministry of Culture, presents the seven major periods of Earth’s atmosphere, starting with the initial shock. “To share the creative process with the public and to become aware of the interactions between living beings and the environment,” promised Thierry Besche, coordinator of “Passerel art science technology”. A complete program to enjoy without moderation.

Exposure and Mystery Walk

Friday September 24 from 6 pm to 8:15 pm, scientific walk Guided by a researcher in the streets of Alby (on registration); 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM Athanor Hall, flash mystery conventionwith doctoral students from the cole des Mines and the Faculty of Champions; 6.30 pm – 10 pm in the courtyard of the Cordeliers, #ImindTheLiberty Exhibition, a cross-section of the Lautrec Museum and cole des Mines between the painter’s works and the scientific and technical professions exercised by women; 6.30 p.m. – 10 p.m., at Cordeliers’ Courtyard, primitive environmente, Biotechnical installation (free access).More information and registration at and

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