Albers wants “peace” to strengthen Spain-Morocco ties

“Diplomacy requires peace, time and prudence, which serves to open safe pathways in which ties are strengthened”, declared Spain’s foreign minister, José Manuel Albers, after chairing the investment of the two last Director Generals who would constitute them. team at the headquarters of his ministry. This information is given by the newspaper El Espaol.

Albers, who replaced Arancha González Laya as head of the ministry on July 12, has appointed three new secretaries of state and 7 director generals, with whom he wants to open a new phase in diplomatic relations and tackle some of the problems. .

Moroccan ambassadors in Madrid Karima Benaich and Nasser Bourita have warned Spain that Ghali’s departure is not enough to end the crisis. Rabat now joined the demand for co-sovereignty of the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, in what they consider to be “occupied prisons”, to the struggle to initiate recognition of the Western Sahara Autonomy Plan.

new ambassador
The new minister on Wednesday focused on appointing ambassadors for the nearly 30 embassies that Spain has left blank.

Thus, the Council of Ministers on Tuesday approved the appointment of 8 new ambassadors, including those from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Estonia, Ghana, Haiti, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic.

Separately, the minister appointed ambassador to India and sought the approval of a candidate for the embassy in the United Kingdom, a position that had been vacant for more than six months.

For his first overseas trip, Albers went to the United Kingdom and this Wednesday, he went to Portugal, the first country in the European Union. A visit to Morocco, the traditional destination for the first departure of foreign ministers, has been postponed, time for a resumption of “solid” ties.

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