Airpods Pro 2: Towards a major delay in the release of Apple headphones?

The late release is the new hit of the year in the tech sector, with various supply issues that manufacturers have to face. And giants like Apple haven’t been spared either, as we’ve seen with its Airpods 3, finally released after several booms with the brand new MacBook Pro itself. And the scenario may repeat itself this time The upcoming Airpods Pro 2 variant from the American giant, which according to this source is scheduled for the end of next year. Ready to wait again?

It is the “Tron” leaker who brings us this bad news. He points out that at least, the Airpods Pro 2 will not be formalized by the Cupertino company until the third quarter of 2022., The latter based a claim on Apple’s internal industrial sources, and which contradicts their previous information – which you can find above – where they explained that the headphones were going to be released in the second quarter.

And if the reasons for this “delay” were not given by Tron, then we can easily imagine that the shortage in semiconductors, which has already caused considerable damage to the iPhone 13 series, still caused production difficulties. from Apple. Anyway, we now have to wait for confirmation of this information, which will make many people sad!

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