Air Algeria’s refusal to compensate its customers threatens to confiscate its planes and freeze its bank accounts – Barlamane


Air Algeria refused to compensate its customers for non-consumption of tickets due to its inability to do so. The fact that it exposes it to confiscation and freezing of its bank accounts, in accordance with international aviation law.

According to the Algerian press, the coordination of Algerian victims of non-reimbursable tickets by Air Algeria in Europe and Canada has confirmed that international air law regards the impossibility of paying compensation to customers as a violation of passengers’ rights in the first degree. . The punishment for such an offence, according to these sources, is “freezing bank accounts and confiscation of planes of the offending companies” if the number of victims exceeds a certain threshold.

The same journalistic sources indicated that Coordination had previously disclosed that several foreign banks had taken legal action against Air Algerie. And this, due to its inability to compensate the hundreds of thousands of Algerian and foreign customers who made transfers to an Algerian airline’s account without taking advantage of the travel service via electronic tickets.

Algeria 360° for its part develops “more than half a million customers” [qui] Claiming reimbursement of their unused tickets from Air Algeria. These tickets were suspended following the start of the pandemic and the closure of Algerian borders in early 2020.

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