AI to convert 10 megapixel picture to 40 megapixel

This is not science fiction, it is Adobe’s new AI feature. Thanks to machine learning, Super Resolution can convert your photos by adding megapixels to the process.

Adobe has enriched its Photoshop software with new functions that take advantage of artificial intelligence: one with a function to change the sky, as some mobile applications already do, the other to automate the subjects of the photo It makes it possible to choose, it also applies filters wisely and now Adobe makes sure that its software can round up the definition of photos without losing quality.

Super resolution: already functional and already impressive

Adobe named this new feature Super resolve. This camera is already operational in RAW 13.2 and will soon be available in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. Super Resolution uses a machine learning model, the so-called machine learning In English, which was created by analyzing millions of photographs. Simply put, this feature is capable of converting a ten megapixel photo into a 40 megapixel photo.

To determine how to sample a given pixel, the system analyzes the surrounding pixels for reference. The first results are generally not good, but the more models fed, the more images there are. After this, resizing the photo becomes more accurate without losing quality.

At a time when the smartphone integrates 108 megapixel sensors including Xiaomi Mi 11, this type of function can be an option. For example, Apple still uses a 12-megapixel sensor. A “small” 12-megapixel sensor, combined with this AI function, can work wonders. It also demonstrates the value of taking photos in RAW format, as it is this format that will really benefit from the powers of AI.

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Promising results

The result, at least from what Adobe shows, looks really good. All you have to do is press the function and the computer will return a new DNG file with the enhanced photo.

All modifications to the original DNG have been made on the revised DNG. For now, this function is limited to 65,000 pixels long and 500 megapixel photos. It works with RAW files, but also with JPEG, PNG and TIFF. As we said, it is already available in Camera Raw 13.2 and will soon be available in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

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