AI, Allies in Search of Fake News?

This article is from a special issue of Science et Avenir n° 199 dated October-November 2019.

while AI train them fake news into a new dimension through deep fake, it may offer new keys to the fight against propaganda in all its forms. The European Fandango project, for example, backed by a 3.5 million euro budget, is specifically eyeing machine learning to envision new tools that could emerge in a few years. But for now, it is exclusively on the side of the image that the AI ​​shows its strength.

Friendly methods for social networks

“It is possible to train a neural network to detect traces of modifications such as differences in compression”says CNRS researcher Vincent Clavau of the Research Institute in Computer Science and Random Systems (IRISA). The problem is that this method is not particularly suitable for montages being broadcast on social networks, which are often of low resolution after undergoing compression and decompression over their course on the net. So Vincent Clavau conceived one modified image to confuse the other.

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