Ahead of the holidays, town halls are overwhelmed with requests for identification documents

Nights have never been so lively in Vaugnere (Rhne), a rural town west of Lyon. Every Monday and Wednesday evening, you go there with your duvet, your insulated bottle and a duly filled out application for identification cards. Because we know, in the Rhne, and even now, that the town hall of Vaugnere accepts, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, twenty-five applications for passports or national identity cards without appointment. This rarity attracts not only the Lyon Basin: in recent weeks, the mayor has listed Toulonise, Parisians and Angevins.

“You have to be inspired! »The city councillor, Daniel Julian (without label), notes, as applicants would have to travel a thousand kilometers again two weeks later to regain their title. “They come first and foremost: this morning [mardi 12 avril], At 1:30 they were already full”Says the retired farmer, who no longer knows whether to congratulate himself or mourn the sudden popularity of Vonray.

If its municipality and its agents respect public service, they find themselves overwhelmed by the success of this initiative, first under the coat of arms, then by the local press, and more recently by the national press. “It’s not normal that we’re alone in this situation, and one day we’ll have to ask ourselves the question of stopping, Mr Julian, noting that a few years ago many town halls were around approving requests without appointments. But it is also not common that in a country like ours one cannot obtain an identity document in less than five months. ,

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Vognare’s success can be explained by a particularly long delay in issuing identity cards, in many places in France, since the start of the year.

In Paris, Tuesday, no appointments for the next nine weeks. In Cavalier-sur-Mer (Var), there is room in June, but in Cholet (Main-et-Loire), it will be necessary to wait until September. Big cities are the most overwhelmed, but rural communities are now under attack from anxious city dwellers as their vacation abroad approaches. The local press is full of stories from Parisians on an adventure in Oise, to Nice in the Vaucluse or Lyonnais going to the Jura.

Only 2,390 authorized municipalities

At the beginning of the year, the supply and demand for identification documents are not met for two reasons: from 2017, only town halls with fingerprint collection systems can issue identity cards, and France has only 2,390; And, in 2022, many French people are looking to redo their papers, after a two-year pandemic during which they were of little use: 1.2 million requests in March, twice the same time in 2021.

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