After the sling, Boris Johnson promises measures to tackle cost of living

Three days after escaping a no-confidence motion led by his own camp, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks to forget about rebellion and scandals by promising reforms on Thursday in response to the crisis linked to the rising cost of living.

Weakened by this vote, which sought to oust more than 40% of his majority on Monday, the head of the Conservative government hopes to turn the page on “Partygate” and maintain himself, claiming that the British to focus on the priorities of , inflation choked to the highest level of forty years.

“Over the next few weeks, the government will introduce reforms to help people control costs in all areas of household spending, from food to energy, childcare, transport and housing.”, Lancashire (North-England) to Mr Johnson K West), parts of which have been communicated in advance.

With these reforms, “we will protect homes, boost productivity and above all, drive growth in the UK”, he has to say.

Mr Johnson should specifically announce the new aid, according to a Downing Street statement, aimed at encouraging the British to become bosses, even to seduce traditional conservative voters.

The prime minister has already expressed his intention to increase the chances of tenants becoming owners of social housing – established under Margaret Thatcher.

UK newspapers focused on rising prices – and the government’s commitment to stop it – with The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mirror each reporting on rising fuel prices on Thursday.

The conservative Daily Mail lauded the Downing Street plan, saying “an enthusiastic Boris Johnson will slash bills all over the place with his most comprehensive move to reduce the cost of living crisis”.

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– weak rights –

The speech came less than two weeks after a plan was announced for 15 billion pounds (17 billion euros) in aid to families, while inflation has now reached 9%, fuel prices at the pump and food are rising and Energy bills will see another steep rise in the fall.

With these new announcements, the prime minister, who has become very unpopular two and a half years after his election victory, wants to turn the page after a no-confidence vote targeted at Downing Street because of the “partygate” of these parties. During the anti-Covid confinement that earned him a fine – the first time in the office of a prime minister in the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday, when he faced lawmakers for the first time since the vote, Tory leaders appeared to be successful – at least temporarily – in rallying their troops to counter attacks from the Labor opposition.

“We have the lowest unemployment rate since 1974 and we will continue to grow our economy over the long term,” Boris Johnson said.

But even though he may not be targeted by a no-confidence motion for a year, he sees his authority weakened by the scale of a sling. Now he has once again the delicate mission of seducing his soldiers and his voters.

Assembling your party that is divided promises to be difficult. There is a high risk that disgruntled MPs will hinder future government action.

Especially since he managed to avoid internal attacks from the Conservative bench on Wednesday, Boris Johnson hasn’t ended up with “Partygate” results.

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After police and senior civil servant Sue Grey, another investigation, this time parliamentary, is planned. If the latter concludes, a priori in the fall, that he betrayed the House of Commons by claiming not to have broken the rules, he must resign.

The two by-elections scheduled for June 23 will also have testing value for the conservative leader, who rules out the possibility of an early election, with elections due in 2024.

Some Tory MPs like Tobias Ellwood only give him “a few months”. Several names of potential candidates for his succession are circulating, but none have actually emerged, enough to prompt some elected officials to remove the head of government.


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