After the election round, labor will be reshuffled

After Thursday’s local elections in Britain, it is time to question. Leader of main opposition Labor in the United Kingdom, Keir Starr, announced his reshuffle on Sunday 9 May “Ghost Cabinet”Trying to revive the party.

In these local elections, particularly in England, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party took its stronghold in Laborpool (North-East), which had always voted Labor since the 1970s.

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“Very disappointed”, Keir Starr promised that he would “It’s all possible” To gain the trust of popular classes. He announced the ouster of Oxford East Member of Parliament Anelises Dodds, who was in charge of the economy and finance. He is replaced by former economist Rachel Reeves as MP for Leeds West (Northern England). Nick Brown is replaced by Alan Campbell in charge of discipline within the party.

“The Labor Party should be the party that accepts the demand for change in our countryKeir Starr told in a statement. This will require bold ideas and constant attention to the priorities of the British people. As the epidemic has changed and what is possible is needed, Labor will also have to change. “

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Worried “To know” The party faced setbacks in some constituencies, with Mr. Starr saying in a statement that he “Look forward to working with our new team to meet this challenge, bring about this change and build an ambitious agenda that will lead to the next Labor government.” “

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Angela Renner replaced

Angela Rayner, was sacked as the party’s president on Saturday and the election coordinator eventually found an important position within this shadow cabinet where he is in charge of coordination. His dismissal, the first measure announced after Labor’s defeat in the Hartlepul by-elections, criticized the party’s left wing.

Labor MP Diane Abbott ruled “Unfair” Sunday, in an interview with SkyNews.

Another figure of labor, located as me Abbott’s leftist John McDonnell believed the centrist starrer, believing that he “huge mistake”.

“The party leader said on Friday that he took responsibility for the results of the Hartlep election and then made Angela Rainer a scapegoat, I think many of us consider it unfair”, Mr McDonnell told the BBC.

In addition to the reshuffle, Keir Starr has appointed former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s former poll chief Deborah Mattinson as chief strategy officer. He wrote a book explaining why Labor lost the 2019 parliamentary election. “Red Wall” Labor, areas of northern England which are affected by dendiportization and adapt to Brexit.

Some “good performance” from labor

On the ‘Super Thursday’ election, the Tories advanced in England, winning more than 200 advisors. In addition to the Stinging defeat at Hartlepool, Durham (North-East) Council lost control for the Conservatives for the first time since 1925.

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The party however retained many important strongholds, most notably in London where Sadiq Khan was reelected against the conservative Shaun Bailey or Manchester, Liverpool (North) and Bristol (West). Very good results in Wales may also boast Labor, where the Welsh Labor Party gets 30 out of 60 seats in the local parliament, compared with 16 for the Conservatives, which allows it to remain in power.

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For Keir Starmer, these perform well “Give us optimism and inspiration for the future”.

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