After the death of Queen Elizabeth II: Prince Charles as King? Royals experts predict end of monarchy

January 25, 2021, 9:58 am.

Is Prince Charles running the monarchy against the wall? Picture: dpa

Royals expert and writer Clive Irving is certain that the British monarchy will end with the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the arrival of Prince Charles to the throne. As a king, the heir to the throne cannot live with his mother. He lacks many qualities that make a good emperor.

Queen Elizabeth II has been queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 15 other states in Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth for nearly 70 years. He has seen many Prime Ministers coming and going, and has led his country through dozens of crises. But every year she sits on the throne Rumors of Naresh’s resignation are intensifying. When will Prince Charles finally become King? Because as long as his mother has ruled, he is waiting to take the throne.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II: Royals experts predict the end of the monarchy

But if Royals expert and writer Clive Irving has his own way, this day will be tragic for the British monarchy. According to Irving, with Charles as king, it would “go to rock very quickly”. In her new book “The Last Queen: Elizabeth II’s Seventy-Year Battle to Save Home Security”, Royals experts write how the queen managed to save the monarchy in a rapidly changing world. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Irving said that the secret to his success lies in his own secret. He thinks that the queen is surrounded by a kind of ignorance.

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Criticism of Prince Charles: “Like the queen’s younger brother and no son”

On the other hand, for Prince Charles, royals experts only formulate key words. According to Irving, the prince of Wales thinks like an autocrat, is a hypocrite and does not understand the modern world. “Charles has a serious problem. His problem is that he doesn’t look like an encouraging generational change, does he?” Clive Irving said in an interview. “In a way, Charles looks older in age than the Queen. He is more suited to the 18th century than the 21st, and it’s no joke. It’s a deliberately chosen style, like the younger brother’s.” Queen and no son. “

Prince Charles as eternal heir to the throne: waiting for queen’s death

According to Buckingham Palace, the queen does not plan to resign (despite all speculation). Therefore Prince Charles would have to wait until his death to assume the crown. The queen will turn 95 in April, which fueled rumors that she might retire like her husband. Prince Philip was 96 when he retired from his royal duties.

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