After the death of Prince Philip, sentiment was rooted in the United Kingdom

The plan for the “Fourth Bridge” was launched on Friday morning, 9 April, with the protocol deployment halted by Buckingham Palace for Prince Philip’s disappearance. The Edinburgh, 99, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband and Queen Victoria’s great-grandson, had recently died in Windsor, near one he was affectionately called “Lillibet”, his lady for 73 years.

This man, who had erased himself from public life since 2017 and left an active career in the Royal Navy for the role of prince, would hardly have made his mark in the reign of Elizabeth II. Some will particularly remember his blunders (sometimes considered racist), others his sense of duty, his passion for the game, or his desire to modernize the monarchy’s image since the 1960s. The figure which has become a symbol of their longevity, the stability of the British monarchy.

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Prince Philip spent about a month in the hospital in February, having undergone a heart surgery – the Palace had not said much at the time. “It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty the Queen announced the death of her beloved husband, her Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh” Tell the royal family in a statement on Friday. From Downing Street from all British political parties – and constant tribute was paid throughout the day, and by the marks of the heads of the crown, foreign heads of state. President Emanuel Macron welcomed for his part “An exemplary life defined by bravery, a sense of duty and a commitment to youth and the environment”.

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The government had asked the British not to assemble due to the epidemic, but this did not give them a steady stream from coming in front of Buckingham Palace on Friday afternoon to pay homage. Nothing would have stopped the 57-year-old and 58-year-old Mark Goodall and Shamus McCorn, who had tears in their eyes anyway. “I was paralyzed when the advertisement fell. I had fart bumps “, Testifies first. “We have just lost half a crown. He supported the queen throughout her life, innocently “, Adds another.

Hundreds of people gathered outside London's Buckingham Palace on 9 April, at the news of Prince Philip's death.

Union jack is in half mast

On the roof of the palace, the Union Jack has been at half mast since the beginning of the epidemic. Hundreds of wreaths of flowers were placed in front of the gate, along with cards with messages of mourning. “Rest in peace, your royal highness”, “He was a gentleman like no other”, “We will miss you so much” … The atmosphere has nothing to do with the feeling that happened in the UK in 1997 when Diana died. Prince Philip was very old, his health was fragile: his death is no shock. However, “He was the grandfather of the nation, Max James, 25, explains. The royal family is important, it acts as the glue of the nation, it brings us stability. “

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