After the Brazilian version, Indian “double mutants” worry instead

After the Brazilian version, the Indian “double mutants” concerns scientists. If type B.1.617, its real name, has not yet been detected in France, some cases have been reported in our neighbors, in the United Kingdom, in Ireland, in Germany, in Italy, or in Spain. , LCI report. There is no need to worry yet as this version only represents less than 1% of cases. But the sequencing done in the channel shows that the Indian strain of Kovid-19 is increasing rapidly.

Anurag Agarwal, director of the Institute of Genomics, says, “B 5.617 was found near Nagpur” on October 5, 2020, “and” fifteen distinct mutations were found. The two conditions appear to be particularly potent, as they can avoid antibodies. “New Delhi’s Integrative Biology in the World.”

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Resistance to this type of vaccine is of particular concern to researchers. “At the moment, it seems that B.1.617 resembles the South African and Brazilian variants. If confirmed, this could cause concern in the medium term, as it would weaken the immunity of the population, as already Infected and those who were vaccinated. ” Quoting CNRS, Samuel Alijan, director of research at the Infectious Diseases and Vectors Laboratory, points out that with vaccines that use adenovirus-type vectors – such as AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, or the Chinese vaccine – very little against these mutations Are protected ”. By Huffington Post.

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This Indian tension may be at the root of the outbreak of cases in India. In the state of Maharashtra, the Indian version represents 55% of pollutants. In its report of 8 April, Public Health France was already thinking about the connection between the Indian version and the outbreak of cases in the country. “The identification of B.1.617 in India corresponds to a very adverse epidemiological situation, characterized by a sharp increase in the incidence rate of confirmed cases of COVID-19.”

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