After Kovid: ‘Working from home’ is a long-term ambition

After Kovid: 'Working from home' is a long-term ambition

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Ministers believe remote work can reduce litter and improve flexibility

The Welsh government says about one-third of people should still work from home, even when coronavirus restrictions have been reduced, the Welsh government has said.

The ambition, the ministers said, is that in the long run, about 30% of Wales’ workers live at or near their homes.

They said there was an opportunity to adopt a culture that “supports remote work”.

They argued that it could reduce traffic congestion and pollution and improve career balance.

“We are not repeating the UK government’s directive to return to office in Wales, they are not,” said Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Transport and Economy.

“We believe that many people will want to continue working from a distance in the long run and that this could be a step-change in the way we work in Wales.”

The Welsh government has said it wants to give workers “more freedom to work from a distance” and has claimed that it could “continue regeneration and economic activity in the community”.

The ministers also suggested “recognizing the importance of learning lessons on issues such as mental health care, child care and more innovative housing design.”

As part of its policy, officials said they were exploring how to develop a network of “community-based working hubs”.

The centers will be shared by office-like environment and government, private and voluntary organizations within walking distance or cycling distance from home.

“The aim is to create a hybrid workplace model, where workers can work in the office, at home or in a center,” Welsh government officials said.

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Many workers say they do not want to go back to their old offices

A recent report by academics from the universities of Cardiff and Southampton found that while most people who work from home are as productive as those who work in office bases, this is not very productive.

The Understanding Society Covid-19 study also found that nine of those who worked from home during the lockout would want to continue in one form or another.

The UK government has called on people to return to their offices, urging employers to reassure workers through a campaign to highlight the measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and return it.

The employers’ organization, the CBI, has warned that the city center could become a “ghost town” with businesses relying on the passage of trade from office workers as well as the prime minister doing nothing more to get the workers back.

Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government Hannah Blythin added: “How we use our city centers and highways will change the way we do housework.

“As part of our work to support and revitalize our highways and city centers, we will ask companies, businesses and individuals to contribute a large part of the work toward more people living, working, shopping and learning.”

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