After Brexit (Brussels) agree on EU and British relations

European and British negotiators have agreed a political declaration on future relations between the European Union and Great Britain after Brexit. It is still a design, which will usually be finalized this weekend. The document is called, inter alia, on trade and security, and to establish a ‘close cooperation’.

European President Donald Tusk announced this on Twitter on Thursday morning. ‘I have sent a draft statement on the future relations of the 27 member states between the European Union and Great Britain. The Commission President has informed me that it has been agreed at the negotiator level and agreed in principle at the political level, ‚ÄĚTusk reported.

A political declaration on the future relationship must be approved by the heads of European countries or the government at an extraordinary summit in Brussels on Sunday. The 26-page document is not binding, but it sets guidelines for future cooperation between Europeans and the British in trade, security and other areas.

The plan, which leaked through the Bloomberg news agency, provides for a free trade zone where strong regulation will apply. Work will also be done on a permanent solution to the border of Great Britain and Ireland. The British may also continue to work closely with European regulators, a demand from May.

Based on previously known details, the agreement appears to be a stroke of luck for Theresa May’s camp, who had been in serious distress since last week. Despite Brexit, Britain can still remain closely connected with the European Union.

‘Did not deal’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is still critical of the agreement. According to him, it is not yet a conclusion that it will be approved on Sunday as well. In his view, the Irish issue remains the subject of a bottleneck.

The separation

In addition, heads of state or government must approve of the 585-page divorce treaty, which must then be approved by the European and British parliaments. Great Britain will leave the European Union on 29 March next year, but by the end of 2020 a transition period has been made in the treaty.

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