After approaching the kittens, the dog attacks her and her pet, and the dog’s walker loses almost his trousers.

Butt out! The dog’s walker almost lost his trousers as the cat attacked him and his pet after they approached his kittens.

  • CCTV footage shows a cat being picked up from a cat in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • This dog stood up on the top half of the man trying to attack his dog
  • Staff at a nearby cafe said the cat, named Azrail, was extremely safe from young people

At this point a dog walker has to pick up his kitten in the air – and hang it in his trousers – when a kitten attacks them after approaching their kittens.

CCTV footage showed a cat climbing on his back, tying a stone and swaying the man with its lead in Istanbul’s Bagiella neighborhood.

The cat has been thrown to the ground several times but falls into the man’s arms and jumps towards the dog as it fights to save its pet from harm.

Video taken in the vicinity of Bugsillar, Istanbul, Turkey, shows a man lifting his pet.

CCTV footage shows the man, who almost lost his trousers in the fight and drove his pet away from the cat, who is attacking them in the Bagiala neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey.

In a brawl outside a cafe, Moggy grabs the man’s clothes, shakes his trousers, and reveals his back to the camera.

The dog walker tries to kick the dog in a cat-like manner, showing no signs of letting go of the dog and uninterruptedly, as well as backing up his own trousers.

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The Turkish newspaper Sozku reported that the unnamed man saw his dog walking past a cafe when the cat suddenly ran towards them.

Realizing that the fictional dog was intent on attacking his dog, the man raised his pet and pushed it into the air so the cat jumped around him and tried to fall.

Eventually the cat was removed by two outsiders who helped the man, also using a chair to move an animal away.

A cat named Azrael attacks the man and his dog for getting too close to their kittens.

As soon as the cat attacks, the man tries to hang his dog in a harmful way

The employee man who called Azrael at a nearby cafe attacked the man and his dog for getting too close to his kittens. The man tries to sway his dog to the brink of harm

The staff at the cafe rescued the cat and said he had five kittens and he was very defensive. They said he also attacked other dogs that came close to his dog.

They named the fictional Azrael after the smurf cat owned by the evil villain Gargamel. It often tries to help him catch the smurfs so they can turn them into gold.


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