After a third imprisonment, the children return to school

Children between 5 and 11 years of age will return to school on Monday morning, March 8 – Maureen McLean / Shutterstock / Sipa

On this Monday morning, young English children aged 5 to 11 are going back to school. They will be followed in a more staggered manner next week by middle and high school students. This is the first significant step in the plan by the British government to gradually eject the country from the third lockdown launched in January to fight the coronovirus epidemic.

All students, except for the children of prominent activists, did only one day of school in 2021, before the government decides for a third imprisonment, harder than the previous one, to prevent a new, more contagious version in Kent. Have you seen.

“A big step on our roadmap”

Due to pollution and declining hospitals, Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave the green light at the end of February to reopen schools, the first step in a comprehensive plan to slowly pull the country out of disastrous restrictions to the economy. “I think we’re ready, (kids) want to go back, they feel the need,” he said during a visit to the London Immunization Center on Sunday, welcoming imprisonment “a big step up our sheet road”. Exit from which, “we hope, is a road map to freedom”.

Thanks to its large vaccination campaign – 22 million earlier doses were injected – the government indicated that it would be possible to meet six months out of March 29. The reopening of pubs, restaurants and non-essential stores is due on April 12.

The distance school was “a real test”

According to the Chief Inspector of English Schools, distance education has been “a real test” for many children. Stranded at home, he endured “boredom, loneliness, sorrow and anxiety”, Amanda Spielman told Sky News, worrying about self-harm and an increase in eating disorders.

On behalf of the parents, the return to school also signifies “the greatest relief in the world”, reassuring Lisa Tyler, happy to be able to submit to her six and ten-year-old daughters. Like many parents, for two months she had to struggle between her children’s education and her own work. “I can’t wait for them to go back to school. I tried to manage it, but it was a nightmare”, she speculates, stating that “the least she could do to explain things to her under penalty , Less autonomous, “sitting all the time”.

Schools have already reopened in Scotland

The reopening of schools on Monday only worries the people of England, with each British province disintegrating at its own pace. Northern Irish children between the ages of 4 and 8 will also return to class on Monday, followed by students aged 13 to 18 on 22 March and others in April.

Schools in Scotland reopened to children aged 4 to 7 last month, while others were partially back from 15 March. A similar timetable has been adopted in Wales, which favors students taking the exam this year.

Biweekly screening test

The epidemic-ridden country, with more than 124,000 people in Europe, the United Kingdom is cautious in its decontamination so that it does not have to back down. To return to class, all students will now be shown twice a week, and older children must wear masks to class by April.

“We are adding all these layers of security to support and help not only the facade, but schools,” Education Minister Gavin Williamson told Sky News on Sunday morning.

concerned parents

A move worrying parents after the Royal Statistician Society statistician Sheila Bird warned the BBC on Saturday about a “high probability” of false positives, forcing entire families to separate for nothing. Will do.

“We need to find the right balance and gradually keep the rhythm of vaccination under control of the rate of reproduction of the virus,” infectious disease specialist Mike Tildesley told Times Radio on Sunday. “Things are going in the right direction,” he said, “but oversight is going to be important in the next few weeks when the schools reopen.”

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