African organization ‘concerned’ by Mali sanctions

Dakar – African organizations, the Afrikajom Center (Senegal), The Group for Studies and Research on Democracy and Economic and Social Development (Benin) and the Union of Journalists of the Free African Press (Cte d’Ivoire), expressed in a statement , their “concerns” for the stability of Mali and the region, following the sanctions imposed on this country by the Economic Community of West Africa ECOWAS.

On 9 January, the ECOWAS Heads of State meeting in Accra, Ghana decided to close the borders with Mali within the regional region. He also announced suspension of business except for essential products.

The regional organization has also decided to cut its financial aid and freeze Mali’s assets in the Central Bank of West African States. The sanctions were taken as a protest against the transitional authorities in Mali’s decision to continue to lead the country for five years.

The Senegalese news agency declared “the three organizations appealed to the heads of state of ECOWAS for an immediate resumption of dialogue with the Malian authorities in charge of the transition, to find an African solution to the crisis in Mali”. APS”, Alaunay Tyne, is the founding president of the Africazoom Center located in Dakar.

According to him, these organizations express their concern, “given the increasing complexity of the security and geopolitical situation, and the economic, political and social crises that escalate and exacerbate conflict”.

“We invite President Nana Akufo-Addo, the current President of the AU (African Union), President Nana Akufo-Addo, the current President of ECOWAS, and President Muhammadu Buhari (Nigeria) President Mackie Sal to sincerely and promptly take all diplomatic initiatives necessary for the resumption of Huh. Open dialogue is likely to lead to a speedy resolution of the crisis,” the three organizations wrote in the statement.

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For its part, the Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDS), an international organization based in Dakar, on Monday called on the economic community of West African states to suspend the sanctions imposed on Mali and called on both sides to “withdraw”. invited to Constructive and realistic dialogue”.

In a statement, the ECSR made a number of “recommendations” to resolve the crisis between the Malian authorities and the ECOWAS.

The declaration recommended the suspension of “all restrictions relating to the closure of borders, to facilitate travel, within the framework of arbitration activities and the resumption of exchanges between economic actors in the sub-region”. .

The Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies, which presents itself as an “organization with consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations”, also advocates a “return to constructive and realistic dialogue between the Malian authorities and ECOWAS”. does.

He expects the two sides to “reach a plan to end the crisis that takes into account the legitimate aspirations of the Malian people above all”.

CEDS invites the regional organization to “lift economic and financial sanctions once the Malian people and transitional authorities have agreed upon a timetable”.

The centre, which calls on countries in the region that share common cooperation bodies with Mali, including the Senegalese River Development Organization (OMVS) and the G5 Sahel, to “find a peaceful solution to the Malian situation”. It also advocates “the boycott of any military escalation that may result in disastrous consequences for the population of the region”.

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