Afghanistan: First vaccine delivery from India

The first delivery of the Kovid-19 vaccine provided by India, which was saved from the epidemic in 2020, Afghanistan received half a million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Sunday.

“We have received 500,000 doses of vaccine for patients with Kovid-19 sent by the Government of India,” said the interim Afghan Minister for Health Wahid Majroh at Kabul Airport, where he was receiving delivery.

The vaccine is developed by the Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, created by the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India. The institute produces millions of doses of the AstraZenaca vaccine at a rapid pace for India, neighboring countries and developing countries.

The minister said that initially the dose will be given to health workers and the elderly suffering from chronic diseases.

The minister said that the Afghan government intends to vaccinate 60% of the population in the long term and is working exclusively with the World Bank and the European Union.

The new coronovirus entered Afghanistan in February 2020, when thousands of migrants returned from Iran, at which time the country was most affected by the epidemic in the region.

In the following months, Afghanistan, already devastated by decades of war, was badly affected by Kovid-19, especially in Kabul.

In August 2020, a study by the Ministry of Health estimated that 10 million, or about one-third of the population, number of people infected with coronavirus. The official figures confirmed 55,300 and 2,400 deaths of contamination.

The country of 32 million people has limited testing capacity, but the virus spread has declined in recent months.

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