Afghanistan: A translator of the British army is taken to the UK, fearing that his family may be killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. UK News

A former translator told Sky News that he fled Afghanistan to Britain because the Taliban had taken control of the country.

Ziaullah Omar was an interpreter for the British Army from 2009 to 2010 in Helmand province, where he translated Taliban communication radio.

He then served as a firefighter with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) at Kabul airport for seven years, working as an administrative assistant and liaison officer.

Mr Omar hopes to become a firefighter in London

After moving to escape the Taliban, Omar managed to escape to Afghanistan last Wednesday on a commercial flight organized by the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM).

He arrived with his wife and five children aged three to 10 years and is now in a quarantine hotel in Manchester after his wife tested positive for COVID, but will be transferred to London. Their flight and accommodation are paid for by the IOM.

Mr Omar said he was deeply grateful to the UK government for granting him a six-month visa, followed by a five-year refugee visa soon after, but he is concerned for his family and friends.

Mr Omar told Sky News: “I got a call today from my family, they said the Taliban is entering every room, every house, looking for people who are working for multinational forces in the Kingdom. Are. -United or United States.

“If they find them, they’ll kill them, even if they’re just family — so it’s dangerous for them as well.” “

His son was killed by the Taliban in 2018 and his father in 2019.

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He now says that some friends have been denied entry to the UK as translators have been terminated by Coalition forces “for minor reasons”.

Ziaullah Omar (front left) served as a firefighter for the British at Kabul airport

“I am very concerned about these people who have been left behind, this is a very dire situation now in Afghanistan,” he said.

“They told me that the Taliban are doing bad things in our village in Kabul province.

“The Taliban cannot be trusted because they say on television that there will be no danger to the people working for the coalition forces, but just yesterday they were going from room to room for their research.”

Mr Omar hopes to become a firefighter or work in administration once relocated to London, while his wife wants to learn sewing or hairdressing and beauty.

The British government has presented plans to authorize approx. 20,000 Afghan refugees United Kingdom.

According to the Interior Ministry, about 5,000 former Afghan employees and members of their families may be eligible for resettlement by the end of this year under a program for those previously employed by them in the British Army.

In addition, the government has promised to resettle an additional 5,000 Afghan citizens over the next 12 months as part of the new Afghan civilian resettlement programme.

Another 15,000 Afghans may be allowed to settle in Britain in the coming years.

The new regime will be based on the system established in 2015 for Syrian refugees.

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