Afghan refugees: Iran calls on Taliban to stabilize situation


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E. Raisi confirmed that his country “Currently hosts over 4 million Afghan refugees”, criticizing European countries for not providing them any aid, “Contrary to many of their claims in this regard”.

During a press conference, the Iranian President said that “The most important event in Afghanistan today is the formation of a government representing all groups and nationalities in the country”. E. Raisi told “There is a need to address the problems of Afghan citizens in terms of education and work in Khorasan province and in all other provinces of the country where Afghan refugees are located”.


he indicated that “The Civil Department of the Ministry of the Interior, and the Provincial Administration, as well as the organization specialized in handling the affairs of Afghan citizens, are not sufficient “, adding it “These lovely people are Muslims and believers, and therefore we must treat their problems as our own problems, and work to solve them. »

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In November last year, the Norwegian Refugee Council reported that between 4,000 and 5,000 Afghans were crossing the 900-km border between Afghanistan and Iran every day. He called for increased support to enable Iran to meet its humanitarian needs.

The council said “We cannot expect Iran to host such numbers of Afghans with such limited support from the international community.”


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