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SpaceX and a Canadian startup are planning to launch a satellite that will broadcast commercials into space. Selfie sticks will be used to broadcast pictures live on the ground.

We knew that advertising banners on the backs of private planes would no longer pollute the blue sky, but business Insider Teaches us that advertising can take even greater heights. According to our partners, SpaceX And a start up Canada has the usual project of launching a satellite dedicated to the display of advertisements in space.

To be called a CubeSat, the craft must be placed in Orbit by rocket in 2022 falcon 9 Of SpaceX, and its peculiarity is to be equipped with a pixelated screen, on which there will be advertisements, company logos, but also works of art … In fact, any company or individual physique, having the means, will be able to advertise himself in Stars.

Will the ads be created and conducted?

Simply put, CubeSat A. will be equipped with selfie who will film their screen, and broadcast the images live on YouTube or Twitch. To advertise on CubeSats, anyone, professional or private, would need to obtain “tokens” with cryptocurrencies, and each “token” represents a pixel on the screen.

To design its logo or its work of art, five types of “tokens” are required: beta for the X coordinate; cried for the Y coordinate; for gamma Glow ; for kappa Colour and for XI Duration Display.

According to the CEO of GECSamuel Reed, the idea that “ Achieve something that can democratize access to space and allow decentralized participation “. I wish the ads were moderate … because they hope people don’t wasteSilver « for something inappropriate, abusive, or objectionable. »

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