Adidas and Xbox launch new sneakers

Adidas and Xbox have just unveiled the product of their new collaboration. A pair of sneakers to celebrate 20 years of game consoles.

for the third time, adidas And xbox get along with each other. Actually, this is not the first time that both the brands have launched sneakers together. Last October, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox, Adidas released a pair of limited edition sneakers. Then, a month later, a new pair had emerged, making it very difficult to shop again.

But this time the fruit of their cooperation will be much more accessible. Actually, this pair of sneakers is already available for sale.

this is the model Forum Tech Boost, A must have from Adidas. For this collaboration, there is an Xbox logo on the side of the shoe and also on the sole. The pair of shoes is inspired by the Xbox Series X model, Microsoft’s latest console. It is therefore black with green detailing, reminiscent of the colors of the console.

“Forum Tech Boost is a shoe that makes the most of the past while incorporating cutting-edge Boost technology. Xbox Series X, allowing you to enjoy 20 years of Xbox games while delivering cutting-edge technology for the ultimate gaming experience Yes, it shares the same inspiration.” mark indicated.

pair at 140 euros

A highly desirable model that every gamer wants to wear. Adidas put this pair for sale on its website 140 euros.

“A stage is a place of gathering, a place of expression. That’s why the Adidas Forum shoe is named that way. And to celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary, it represents the ideal silhouette. Because wherever you are Thanks to Network Play, you can connect with people who are right next to you or with people from all over the world. There is nothing more integrated than the gaming world, right? So wear it and enjoy the ultimate in comfort Take it.”

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