Additional Income for Members of Parliament: Scholz calls for transparency “from euro first”

Additional Income from Members of Parliament
Scholz calls for “transparency from first euro”

Several members of the CDU and CSU have already given back their Bundestag mandate. For example, their participation in undercover shops is fueling a debate about ancillary income. Chancellor Scholz is now calling for clear rules that apply to the entire income.

After the masked scandal pervading the union, Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for full disclosure of the MPs’ supporting income. The SPD politician of “Bald Sonatag” said, “We finally need real transparency in parliaments: MPs should announce their additional income from the first euro in the future. I hope the CDU and CSU now partake.”

“Citizens need to know who they are voting for – and where they get their money from,” Scholz said. Additional income in lakhs is difficult to reconcile with the office of a full-time MP. Sholoz described the behavior of central MPs involved in the masking affair as “immoral, illegal and irresponsible”. “These MPs are hurting democracy by their behavior,” he said.

So far, MPs do not have to specify their supporting income for euros and cents, but only in ten levels: the first level includes income ranging from 1,000 euros to 3,500 euros, from more than 250,000 euros per month to the final tier. Income.

The scandal about commission payments in masked transactions, in which central MPs have described themselves as prosperous, is currently shaking up the CDU and CSU. After the Bundestag George CS memberlein made allegations against a CSU member who had since resigned from his mandate, and also against CDU member Nicholas Lobel, CSU member of state parliament and former Bavarian justice minister Alfred Sauter Were. on Wednesday. In addition, two CDU members resigned due to controversial lobbying work.

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