Adapted from Neve Campbell “Lincoln Defense” in the casting of the Netflix series


Attempted assassination by DGSE agents: surprising profile of alleged sponsor

In July 2020 in a peaceful district of Creteil (Val-de-Marne), a local resident who had come to leave her son in a nursery found himself at the heart of a detective novel. Seeing the car with people whose behavior seemed strange, he decided to call the police. On the spot, police then discovered that the car was equipped with a false license plate. Two French Army knives and a loaded 9mm pistol were found on the suspects. After six months of investigation into the alleged sponsor police custody identified, two men made a disturbing statement: soldiers, they claimed to belong to the French Secret Service. When investigators asked him who his superiors were, he replied that it was DGSE. According to him their mission: to murder a woman who will work for the Mossad, Israel’s secret service. The target was seen weeks. He placed a GPS beacon under his car. But the one who survived 54 years of death, 54-year-old Marie-Helen Dini … was a business coach, and has little connection with Mossad. In shock, she has since left the Paris area. After a six-month investigation, investigators eventually identified the alleged sponsor: a competitor to another business coach, Marie-Helen Denney. The suspects are detained, for its part the DGSE extracts free electrons.

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