Ad Tracking Supervision: Margaretha Vesteger wants Apple to respect its own rules

Future dialog boxes that will ask users if they allow ad tracking for an application have received a good and bad mark from the European Commission vice-chairman Margarethe Westeger in charge of the contest file. Nice talk: ” It’s a good thing to have a clear opt-out option “, she explained Reuters. This Apple initiative, which will be active for all in the spring, is a solution that presents Brussels at the end of last year in terms of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA).

On the other hand, and the worse point (capability) arises, Apple should not discount its own applications. This will not be the case, with the producer already announcing that he will respect his own rules (Tim Cook recently reminded him again). Margaret Westeger warns that if Apple changes the rules of the game of competition for profit in its competition, an antitrust lawsuit can be instituted. However, the vice president’s services have not received complaints from competition against Apple on the subject.

Apple operates its own advertising platform in the App Store and Apple News, but it does not work Possibly User Tracking Data. Either, but in a slightly different way.

In the panel Privacy > Apple Advertising > Advertising and Privacy, We learn that Apple advertising agency ” Not behind you “: It does not create a personal ad profile with data sent by the application, on the other hand it generates” Section “Groups of people who share” Similar features “. These segments use account data (name, address, age, related devices) as well as interaction with the app and content downloaded / purchased, topics read in news and stocks, and advertising delivered by the platform.

The manufacturer is already the target of two in-depth investigations by the European Commission: one related to Apple Pay, the other to the App Store.

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