Ad losses: Opt-in tracking on iPhones causes Facebook issues

The impact of Apple’s Tracking Transparency Initiative is becoming increasingly apparent. In a public announcement Wednesday, Facebook sought to reassure advertisers whose business has been affected by changes to the iOS operating system: Several companies have reported that Apple’s privacy measure has had a negative impact. More than expected impact ” advertising investment”, explained the social network in a press release from its commercial division. “The cost of achieving advertising goals may increase” and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns has become more difficult to measure.

In some cases, however, it was also due to its own “underreporting,” writes Facebook. It’s estimated that “iOS web conversions” were reported 15% lower on average, the company also noted. “Conversions” are meant to provide information about how many times users of iOS have made a purchase or downloaded an advertised app, for example, in response to a banner ad. The network believes that these numbers are higher in the “real world”. The impact of the changes made by Apple will be felt not only by advertisers, but also by Facebook itself.

He said Facebook is committed to developing “privacy technology” that will allow it to deliver targeted personalized ads and measure their effectiveness, but that will take time. However, it will also make a direct countermeasure by adopting its own advertising tools.

Starting with iOS 14.5, iPhone apps must first obtain user permission for cross-vendor ad tracking. Currently, most iPhone and iPad users are expected to use a version of the operating system that has the mandatory app tracking option enabled. Many apps display a notice asking users for their consent before the opt-in dialog – for example, Instagram and Facebook have suggested that apps may otherwise be chargeable.

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Facebook is one of the most vocal criticisms of Apple’s transparency in tracking, and advertising associations have also tried to block its introduction through an antitrust complaint. However, advertising giants such as Facebook and Google, which have already collected vast amounts of data, may eventually benefit from this change if they run direct advertising and businesses through their own platform – using such No opt-in should be obtained for Your own customer data.

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