Actor Kevin Spacey accused of sexually assaulting three men

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American actor Kevin Spacey has been charged with four sexual assault charges against three men, British justice announced on Thursday 26 May.

three years later abandonment of proceedings American actor Kevin Spacey was accused of sexually assaulting four men in the United Kingdom during a period when he was the artistic director of a London theatre.

The announcement on Thursday by British prosecutor Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) gives a new echo to charges that have emerged since the Weinstein scandal, which have been brought to the country. Star’s career setback House of cards, , CPS has authorized criminal charges against 62-year-old Kevin Spacey on four counts of sexual assault against three men Rosemary Ainslie, chief of the CPS’s Special Crimes Division, said in a statement.

, He was also accused of engaging a man in penetrative sexual activity without his consent. “, she said, specifying these allegations” Follow up on a review of the evidence collected by the Metropolitan Police in your investigation ,

Facts before 2005

The charges cover the period from March 2005 to April 2013. The two charges pertain to acts of sexual harassment in London in March 2005 against the same complainant. Another sexual assault relates to a second complainant in August 2008, who also accused him of forcing her into penetrative sexual activity without her consent.

Finally, Kevin Spacey was charged with the fourth sexual assault on a third complainant in Gloucestershire (south-west England) in April 2013. London Police launched an investigation against the actor after receiving complaints of sexual harassment, some of which were allegedly made in the Lambeth district of London, where the Old Vic Theatre is located, from which he worked as an artistic between 2004 and 2015. was the director.

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