Actor Kenneth Branagh, who plays Boris Johnson in the Coronovirus series

This British series, which will focus on how the British government handled the crisis, will be broadcast in 2022.

The filming of a television series complicating the management of the epidemic by Boris Johnson will begin, with actor Kenneth Branagh announcing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Sky Channel.

Michael Winterbottom (In this world, Jude) Will create this series called The Sceptred Isle. Kenneth Branagh, who recently played the villain theory Or the character of Hercule Poirot Crime of the orient express, Will play the role of a bubbling conservative leader.

Considered one of the best actors of his generation in the United Kingdom, the 60-year-old Northern Irishman has also distinguished himself as a director and producer during his career.

Add “countless true stories”

In 5 episodes, the series will begin after Boris Johnson arrives in Downing Street, then describe the presence of the first cases of Kovid-19 in the United Kingdom in early 2020. This year was important for the conservative leader. In the midst of his contamination by the virus, which earned him three nights in intensive care in April, and then two days after returning to business, his son Wilfred was born.

Boris Johnson has been criticized for being slow to respond to an epidemic that has killed more than 97,000 people in Britain, the worst toll in Europe. The series is based on the testimony of relatives of scientists advising the Prime Minister, Ministry of Health, Government and caregivers. Tim Shipman, Political Journalist Sunday Times, Played advisor.

“Our series combines countless true stories – from Boris Johnson in Downing Street to those on the virus front around the country – that advance the efforts of scientists, doctors, caregivers and leaders to protect us from the virus ,” They said. A statement by Michael Winterbottom, who wrote the series alongside Kirron Querke.

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Fiction was focused on coronovirus

Britain’s recent past thrills directors. A breathtaking TV film Benedict Cumberbatch starring as Dominic Cummings, the campaign mastermind for Britain’s departure from the European Union, aired in January 2019, two and a half years after the Brexit referendum.

Produced by Fremantle, Traveler and Revolution Films, The Sceptred Isle The tour will begin in early 2021 for broadcast on Sky Atlantic in 2022 and now on TV.

Many fictional stories inspired by the coronavirus crisis have already been announced. In addition to the successful series, which formed part of his plot epidemic, such as Gray anatomy or this is us, Netflix Unveiled Social distance, A program on families exposed to technology during lockdown. Manufacturer of The good fight Kovid is preparing a program on 19 and Michael Bay unveiled the trailer songbird, Is an advance film inspired by coronovirus.

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