Acid Note from “The Spectator” on the Appointment of Elizabeth Bourne

This is the new Prime Minister of France, Elizabeth Bourne. He has never worked in the private sector. He is a pure technocrat. She has never been elected for any term. And never, she would not threaten President Emmanuel Macron in the slightest. “She’s Boring Like Jean Castex, Minus The Comic Side”, A Paris observer sighs.

This position in France is generally a difficult test, the prime minister is by nature a whipping boy, and Elizabeth Bourne faces many thorny issues. At the top of the pile, the crisis associated with the rising cost of living, on which it will probably have little effect. She would also opt out of pension reform, and so would be accused of riots that would surely break out. It is that he is better at handling wagons than economy.

However, his first mission would be to lead a battalion of Macronist candidates in the June legislative elections. He has so far provided no evidence of any talent for galvanizing voters, but either way Macron should have no trouble securing a majority for the presidency in the National Assembly.

Not ENA but X

A Jewish father, a Russian refugee, Elizabeth Bourne, 61, is certainly not yet another enarch, but she is far from undergoing the typical education for the French aristocracy: She created X, in other words the Polytechnic.

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