According to the United Kingdom, Russia has lost a third of its military ground forces.

The British Secret Service estimated this Sunday, May 15, that Russia had lost nearly a third of its ground combat force deployed in February. The Russian offensive in the Donbass would have taken “a significant delay” and it would be unlikely that Russian forces would progress rapidly over the next thirty days, assessed United Kingdom intelligence, an analysis of which was relayed by CNBC, Reuters news agency. , as well as the British Ministry of Defense on its Twitter account.

In eastern Ukraine, Russia’s offensive in the Donbass region has reportedly lost momentum. “It has failed to make any significant regional gains in the past month,” the UK Defense Ministry said on Twitter. Contacted by CNBC, the Russian Defense Ministry did not respond to a request for comment. According to the United Kingdom, the Russian military may have been particularly affected by the destruction of its drones and its equipment that allows it to cross rivers. “Russian drones are essential for tactical knowledge and artillery direction, but they have been vulnerable to Ukraine’s anti-aircraft capabilities,” the British Defense Ministry said on its Twitter account.

Last week, a Russian attempt to cross a river in eastern Ukraine was aborted by Ukrainian troops with heavy material losses, CNBC explains. In the end, low morale and low combat effectiveness would have increased the delay in the offensive, according to the British Ministry. Especially since “many of these abilities cannot be quickly changed or reorganized”. “Under the current circumstances,” the UK Defense Twitter account wrote, “Russia is unlikely to significantly accelerate the pace of its progress over the next 30 days.”