According to the developer of AstraZeneca, it is impossible to achieve mass immunity due to the Delta version.

The professor behind the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine says the delta variant made group immunity impossible because people vaccinated could still transmit the virus.

Andrew Pollard, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Oxford, said the highly contagious Delta variant has dashed various hopes of achieving herd immunity. “The Delta version changed the equation for mass immunity,” he said. At a UK parliamentary meeting on Tuesday 10 August, the professor said achieving mass immunity was “no longer possible” as the delta variant continues to spread and collect mass. Pollard said, “We know very clearly that the delta variant continues to infect people who have been vaccinated and that means that anyone who has not yet been vaccinated will be exposed to the virus. “

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He said it is unlikely that herd immunity can ever be achieved. He also predicted that the next version of COVID-19 would “probably be even more effective in transmitting to the vaccinated population”. He stressed, however, that although vaccinated people can still contract the delta variant, the vaccine has the advantage that these people will develop milder symptoms than unvaccinated people.

With COVID-19, vaccines still play their main role: to protect against serious diseases. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people vaccinated with the Delta variant are 25 times less likely to develop a severe form of the virus or die. Most of the people who get it have only mild or no symptoms.

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But mounting evidence suggests that even with the variant, fully vaccinated people can still transmit the virus. “We don’t have anything that can stop this transmission of COVID-19 to other people,” Andrew Pollard said.

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