According to the county president of Fides, feudal conditions still exist in many western countries

They made tough statements Zoltan NemethPresident of the pro-government of the local government of Gayur-Moson-Sopron County about the union, when he explained to local voters in the newspaper Nyagat-Hiramando about the events of the recent period.

According to his immediate review in the publication’s interview, which appears in 170,000 copies, Zoltan Nemeth stated that

  • The European Union is like a common pot. According to him, after everyone brought the ingredients themselves and cooked the food together, there would be people who would later determine that some participants, such as a mustache, would not be able to get food.
  • “Hungary’s state form is a republic, the main body of popular representation is the National Assembly, and the head of state is the president of the republic. We don’t have to go too far for EU member states where feudal relations still exist: a state Or a monarchy (see Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden or Belgium.) “(…)” and we know that the state is dominated and citizens are. They are, in fact, the subject. These underdeveloped countries are considered to be modern democracies. Think about educating. “
  • “The fact that the king is also the head of state of the country where the main bodies of the European Union operate, says a lot about criticism of our country.”

Featured Picture: MTI / Szigetváry Zsolt

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