According to Plaza, “Dmitry Pete will replace Guy Roux for Crystalline advertising”.

in fake news big head On this November 22, Lian Foley explains: “The Vice President of the United States of America Kamala Harris, who was president for 1h25 during Joe Biden’s vacancy of power, has just entered the same title: beautiful holiday colonoscopy,

For Laurent Baffy, “Brands Pampers and Pew Doos sponsored Theo Currin’s feat for Pippika Crossing.” For his part, Valerie Mairese says: “After failing to stop Dalton in the Lyon area, Gerald Darmine has just announced that, on the other hand, the dangerous winner of the Compagnie Creole has been arrested following a new version of his song. has been taken. On the ball, on the masked ball…. But not vaccination!,

Stephen Plaza admits: “It is footballer Dimitri Payet who will replace Guy Roux in an advertisement for Crystalline Mineral Water”, while Christine Occrant argues that “a Chinese aged 40 has disappeared for 16 years”. returned to his parents because he did not dare to return by failing university”.

Finally, according to Sebastian Thoen: “After learning that a bear had been shot by a hunter on Saturday, Javier Bertrand canceled his walk in the woods yesterday afternoon.”

The correct information is from Christine Okrant.

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