According to Kyiv, 183 children have died and 342 others have been injured since the start of the Russian invasion.

12:12 pm: How did these Russians become Putin supporters in just a few weeks?

Earlier, Rita German was against Vladimir Putin. Today, the 42-year-old producer from Moscow’s middle class says she has “opened her eyes”. “Besieged and excommunicated (…), we Russians have been betrayed by the West”, assures the man who regards many of the Western sanctions against his country as aggression.
“The masks have fallen. Entering Ukraine was the only way for Putin to save us from the Anglo-Saxons,” says he who now defends the head of the Kremlin. “There are Coca-Cola and iPhones and then there are existential values. I reconsidered my values,” she concluded.

“These wealthy Russians, often skeptical of power, now support Putin against the West, while 60% of them said they were closer to the Europeans in the elections” Before the military attack, Russian Academy of Sciences expert Natalia Tikhonova noted. It seems unfair for this social class to undergo “collective punishment” when it “didn’t even vote for Putin”, underlines the sociologist. “The feeling of demobilization of the Russians by the Europeans welds them all the more behind their flag.”

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