According to Britain’s MI5, the woman who joined the Chinese Communist Party is “indirectly trying to get involved in British politics”.

MI5 warned that Christine King Lee acted “in collusion” with the Communist Party of China (CCP) United Front Working Group (UFWD) and was “found guilty of engaging in political interference in the UK”. ,

The MI5 “disconnection alert” obtained by CNN on Thursday said: “We find that the UFWD is attempting to covertly interfere in British politics by establishing contacts with established and interested lawmakers from across the political spectrum.”

The warning added that Lee “enables financial donations to political parties, Members of Parliament, aspiring MPs and individuals seeking political office in the UK, including donations to political organizations on behalf of foreign nationals”.

Lee is listed as a British citizen on the UK Companies Register.

While Lee described its UK-based activities as “representing the British Chinese community and increasing diversity”, MI5 said the action was “taken in secret coordination with the UFWD with financial support from foreign nationals in China and Hong Kong”. Went”. Kong.”

CNN contacted Lee for comment but did not respond.

When I went to CNN Lee’s offices on Thursday, they were empty and intact for some time. A note is written on the door that the office was closed due to infection. No one responded to emails at the door or phone numbers and public office addresses posted at the door.

Christine Lee & Company London office.

Ian Duncan Smith, a senior British MP and former leader of the ruling Conservative Party, warned Parliament on Thursday that MI5 had warned House Speaker Lindsay Hoyle that “Chinese government agents” were actively trying to “take them down”. were working for. “Procedures of Parliament.

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Duncan Smith said: “This is a very disturbing case.

Lee said MI5 was “widely associated with individuals across the UK political spectrum, including the now defunct all-party parliamentary Chinese in the UK group, and they want to put more APPG on the CCP agenda”.

CNN contacted the Chinese Embassy in London for comment.

In light of the incident, Duncan Smith called on parliament to strengthen security and consider deporting the Chinese agent. Duncan Smith said he had heard that the person was not being deported and wondered why no further action was being taken against “an agent of a foreign dictatorship and abhorrent power”.

Duncan Smith is a bitter critic of the Chinese government. Sanctioned by Beijing last year, he was banned from entering the country for his comments about the treatment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. Chinese companies and citizens are banned from doing business with them.

“It’s definitely not enough,” Duncan Smith said on Thursday.

MI5 said anyone contacting Li should “focus on his relationship with the Chinese government and advance the CCP’s agenda in British politics” and contact the Director of Parliamentary Security if “relevant or suspicious contacts” are found. should contact.

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