According to a survey, 75% of French people feel that their purchasing power is deteriorating

According to the results of the seventh wave of the Observatory “La Voix des Territoires Odoxa – Groupma” conducted for France Bleu on French, Purchasing Power and Taxation, the feeling that purchasing power is deteriorating is what prevails for three out of four French people. .

The trend is still the same: for a large majority of French people, their purchasing power continues to deteriorate from one year to the next. This is confirmed by a new survey conducted by Odoxa-Groupma for France Blue.

Of the 3000 citizens, 75% have “feeled that their purchasing power is deteriorating”, confirm the pollsters, who specify that “for 90% of French people, purchasing power is a major concern”.

The authors of the survey nonetheless specify that this is in fact a “perception that does not fully match the “average” reality since INSEE, after recording a pause between 2019 and 2020 (though amid a pandemic in), checked in
a rebound in the second quarter of 2021 (+ 0.6%)”. He then put forward two reasons to explain this gap between reality and perception. “On the one hand,” the French have, in recent months, consumed and saved less A lot”, while at the same time the recent rise in energy prices “go badly”.

Fuel, taxes, taxes…

Because for the French, “it is fuel expenses (44%), followed by gas, taxes and fuel” that they find “the hardest to afford”. Especially since half of them use their vehicle “almost every day” … this “always very regular use of the car makes fuel a “constraint” expense” for many French people, emphasize the French people. Pollutants, who say it is workers, “who, by definition, do not benefit from teleworking”, are most likely to complain (58%).

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In Occitania, however, one of the regions where people use their cars least often according to the survey, taxes are the hardest expense to afford.

This perception of the purchasing power of the French in 2021, although poor, “does not, however, reach the level of the year of the yellow vest movement (86% in 2018) or the next year (83% in 2019)”, yet polluters specify to.

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