Abu Dhabi: Louvre 2.0 opens in Arab Emirates


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The branch – Louvre Abu Dhabi – opens next Saturday in the Arab Emirates after several delays.

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In Abu Dhabi, the Louvre – a branch of the French Museum – will open next Saturday. We show illustrations that provide an insight into the art collection even before its opening.


11/07/2017 – 11:43 am

Abu Dhabi – The United Arab Emirates is known for excellence: bigger, higher, further – everything that can be paid for with money is copied in the emirate. Dubai doesn’t have a Chrysler Building like New York – there are two skyscrapers called the Al Kazim Towers, which look like one of the most famous buildings in the Big Apple.

On the other hand, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is increasingly focusing on culture and tradition. And next Saturday, after several years of delay, a museum branch from France will open – the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The opening of a branch showing classic visual arts was planned for 2012 and again for 2013 – but was postponed several times due to economic and political problems.

French star architect Jean Nouvel designed the museum, which stands on Saadiyat Island, along with other lighthouse projects in the state: the Guggenheim Museum or a Unideller of New York University to enrich the island’s cultural district. New Art House.

A promotional video on the museum’s Facebook page shows further insights:

name is borrowed

According to the New York Times, the name “Louvre” will be loaned to Abu Dhabi for 30 years and six months, temporary exhibits to the state for a period of 15 years and works of art for ten years.

In the picture gallery we show what it looks like and what art can be seen in the museum.

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