About 50 Ukrainians waiting in Tourcoing in hopes of reaching the UK

Starting Tuesday, the British government will simplify the process of entering the United Kingdom for Ukrainians who have fled their country. Passport holders will no longer need to visit the visa application centre. After doing an online process, they will be able to reach England and only after reaching there will they have to provide their biometric data. one more step forward, A consular post in the United Kingdom opens this Friday in the prefecture of Pas de Calais in Arras, to examine visa applications.

Meanwhile, these complicated procedures are clearly an additional concern for Ukrainians trying to access the United Kingdom.

From Calais, about fifty of them were directed to a hotel in Tourcoing, supported by the Red Cross, on Wednesday evening. Volunteers like Maxens Vik try to soften their daily lives. “They’ve been through difficult things. They find themselves in front of a new obstacle. It’ll take time, how long? We don’t know. There are so many kids, we’ve managed to get the toys. It makes the wait a little bit longer.” and easy.”

The group includes many women and children whose reception conditions the Red Cross is trying to reduce. © Radio France
, Sophie Morgans

The only British liaison for these refugees are volunteers from the Care for Calais Association. Among them, Matthew Wright, who has a hard time even making a move. “It changes every day, every hour. We try to dictate people but the system is too complicated.” The British are angry with their country. “I spoke with the father of six. The youngest is three. He had a five-day road trip. He’s tired. And where are the British officers? Where’s the government? Where’s the office to welcome him, help Do they fill out their forms? Nothing. There’s just a wall.”

Some did not wait for consular offices to open in the prefecture. He chose to hit the road towards Paris this Thursday to make sure he got the visa.

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