About 31% of Canadians suffer from shovel pain

Since the first snowfall of the year started in the province on Saturday morning, the Association des Chéropratiques du Québ expressed a desire to recall preventive measures to avoid any injury while running the shovel.

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Dr. Guillaume Corbin, chiropractor and vice president of the association, said, “The patients we see in the clinic after a snowstorm present mainly with pain in the back, neck and shoulders.” Chiropractor from Quebec.

About 31% of Canadians suffer muscle and joint pain with shovel ice.

The association has therefore made some suggestions that may help reduce the risk of injury during the winter.

In addition to the importance of warm-up exercises before any physical activity, the association of chiropractors recommends pushing the ice rather than lifting it up, keeping the back straight and rotating the entire body when it is necessary to lift it. Shovel to use an ergonomic shovel, but also in favor of many light shovels.

During a storm it is also a good idea to go out several times to shovel rather than wait for a large pile.

Chiropractors remind us not to ignore persistent pain that may further increase the risk of injury.

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