Abdelmadzid Tebbouyne Receives German Ambassador to Algeria

Sincerely: APS

According to a dispatch from the Algerian press agency APS, President Abdelmadzid Taboun met with the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Elizabeth Wolbers, in Algeria on Monday.

In a press statement, Vollers said she was “Honored” To be received by the Algerian President, there are relations between the two countries “Excellent”.“We discussed the possibility of emphasizing our bilateral relations, particularly the economic segment, which represents one of the strongest areas in our relations”Remembering that she said “Germany has always contributed to the diversification of the Algerian economy through the creation of jobs and transfer of technologies through its companies”, He specifies, cited by APS.

For a question on Western Sahara, German diplomacy indicated that their country “Advocate for a solution based on international law within the framework of the UN process”, Expressed his desire to see “Appointment of a new UN Special Envoy to Western Sahara to revive this process soon”, We say.

The meeting has taken place at a time when tensions have been felt in diplomatic relations between Morocco and Germany, due to various factors, the cause of recourse among them. Hence the head of Morocco’s diplomacy had asked various government ministers to suspend their relations with all organs dependent on the country led by Angela Merkel.

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