Abdel Hamid Dabiba’s Transitional Government Framework

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The oath of its members will be taken in Benghazi on Monday, 15 March and the power will be held during the week. Libyans hope that this new government of national unity will change the page of the Black Decade and change the dreaded economic and economic security situation. To do this, the Libyan Prime Minister insisted that this mission government, which should implement the United Nations roadmap, be formed in the majority of experts.

Prime Minister of New Libya His government repeatedly announced it “ All will represent Libya “. Abdel Hamid Dabiba may have preferred more technocrats and more women, but he followed the logic of territorial equilibrium in the allocation of portfolios to gain the confidence of Parliament.

27 Ministers, 6 Ministers of State and two Deputy Prime Ministers. It is an enlarged cabinet that will be sworn in before the Parliament on Monday 15 March. A parliament that nevertheless demanded a restricted government. Abdel Hamid Dabiba defended himself by stating that his training had given a lot of work and that it was necessary to be inclusive to succeed in the task.

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This has been attributed to the highly strategic defense portfolio, which has been the subject of insoluble negotiations between East and West. Ultimately, it is the Prime Minister himself who will receive the ceremony.

Another aspect of this government is the unprecedented presence of women. For the first time in Libya’s political history, 5 women will occupy ministries including two sovereigns: foreign affairs and justice.

Also note, the return of sympathizers of the old regime that scorched the imperial ministry of the Interior Ministry as well. A ministry that would have to play a much larger role in the disintegration of the militia and the farewell of foreign mercenaries.

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