Abandoned, the PS5 exclusive, will “finally” make its way to PC

The abandoned, mysterious indie horror game that has been the subject of several internet rumors in recent weeks is currently being advertised as a PS5 exclusive. But developer Blue Box Studios has confirmed that it will “eventually” be available on PC as well. “

The studio has acknowledged a PC release in recent days in response to a number of tweets on its official account, most notably this Tweet In response to someone asking if Abandoned is coming to PC. The Blue Box simply replied “Probably.”

That’s all we have for details, and we still have no window for its initial exclusive PS5 release beyond “later this year.” Earlier this month, Blue Box indicated that it would announce a release date alongside the rollout of a PS5 app revealing trailers and real-time gameplay. There is a slight delay in the app’s release date And the launch is scheduled for June 25; However, Blue Box removed the tweet in which it had promised a release date and has not mentioned the release date announcement since then.

Abandoned and its studio Blue Box have been at the center of a crazy internet rumor recently, suggesting the game has some ties to Silent Hill, Konami or Hideo Kojima. Blue Box has repeatedly denied these rumours, a denial confirmed by investigations by Geoff Keighley and IGN.

We know that Abandoned is just a code name for the game, and Blue Box is a true Netherlands-based studio, run by CEO Hassan Kahrmann, with a team of over 50 people. Blue Box has had two previous titles, one that never left Steam Greenlight, and one that was sold to another company while in Early Access. She has worked with Sony on Abandoned since 2015, and earlier this year revealed a teaser for the game. The gameplay is expected to be revealed at a later date this year, along with other information about the game that will put the rumors to rest for good.

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