A year later, the perpetrators of the SolarWinds cyberattack are still active

According to Microsoft, the hackers behind the SolarWinds case are still active, raising fears of another major attack.

The United States and Russia have had tumultuous relations for centuries. Among recurring points of friction, we find in particular computer attacks, the first of which regularly accuse the second. And according to a recent statement from Microsoft seen by Interesting Engineering, the situation isn’t going to calm down anytime soon.

The company revealed that Nobelium, a well-known group in the cyber security world, is preparing to attack various parts of the digital supply chain. Among the goals, we will find “Resellers and other vendors who customize, deploy and manage cloud services“, including Microsoft. Its cloud infrastructure is said to have suffered less than 22,000 computer attacks between July 1 and October 19, 2021 alone.

And according to the tech giant, these are not isolated incidents; All these strikes will be part of a long-term exercise whose traces will go back to the highest echelons of the Russian administration. “This recent activity is another indicator that Russia is trying to achieve systematic and long-term access to various access points.”, can we read in the press release. In this case, these access points would later provide access to larger networks and customer databases. The objective would be as follows”Monitor, now and in the future, various targets of interest to the Russian government

Ghost of “Solarwinds 2.0”

These allegations do not come out of anyone; In fact, ties between this group and Vladimir Putin’s administration have been documented since last year’s attacks. Because for those not familiar with the name, Nobelium had already distinguished itself in 2020 with massive and particularly sophisticated piracy. It affected more than 100 large companies, as well as nine US federal agencies, including NASA.

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Unlike the episode “Solarwinds”, these attacks will use more traditional vectors; They can be thwarted with simple basic security measures. What is worrying is the number of targets and the fact that this attack has been carried out over a long period of time. So knowing the conscience of the group, would require special vigilance on professionals in this field.

Nobelium is a very persistent antagonist”, explains Jake Williams, a cybersecurity expert interviewed by Security Boulevard. “He is one of the best players in this ecosystem when it comes to staying hidden even after foiling an attack.”, he concluded.

To close the door to a new bigger attack, there is therefore only one solution: empowering individual actors. To this end, Microsoft encourages all of its resellers to be vigilant on basic security measures. It also transmitted a methodology to the companies concerned so that they could protect themselves against Nobelium attacks. The future will tell whether these measures will be enough to prevent a new Solarwinds-type scenario.

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