A wild flower from the Amazon that was lost has been found

When it was first described in the year 2000, scientists thought it was already extinct. because since wild flower was discovered – in the mid-1980s – its habitat – a jungles of ecuador – Was largely destroyed. That’s why the researchers chose the name “Rare”,

But in the ranks of scientists there are always at least some optimists. they expectedspecies that kind of flower gastranthus Might have survived. Several missions had failed to find him. until a team sifted through satellite images foothills of the Andes mountains. An area known for a unique group of plants on the verge of extinction deforestation Which has already eliminated more than 97% of the forests of the western partEcuador,

A profitable initiative. In the first two hours, even – since the first day of their expedition – the researchers found a patch of intact forest. more famous gastranthus extinctus, And its bright orange flowers, with a large pocket at the bottom and a small opening at the top. Allowing pollinators to come in and out as they please.

In the end, there were so many samples that the researchers took the liberty of sampling DNA analysis, But the flower remains at risk. Therefore, measures will be taken to protect its habitat. “The rediscovery of this flower shows that it is not too late to reverse even the worst scenarios.” BiodiversityAnd it shows the value of preserving even the smallest and worst areas.”Eliminate authors of rediscovery.

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