A warlike love for the Yorkshire Reaper’s wife Sonia that lasted until his death

Peter Sutlef met the love of his life in 196666 when he was working as a gradigger in a pub in Bradford.

They were married in 1974, and he was obsessed with her on the day of her death, still naming her after his relatives.

Although she divorced the serial killer in 1994 and remarried in 1997, her ex-brother-in-law Carl Sutliff hoped she would arrange the funeral, which she is expected to inherit from her ex-husband’s estate.

Carl recounted how he was completely exhausted and “in love” with his older brother Sonia, even though he was trapped and he remarried.

When Sonia’s mother died, Clift asked Carl to attend the funeral as her representative. Carl explains how when he returned to Sonia and Sutlef’s former marital home, he was shown a house full of bizarre works of art.

Carl, brother of Yorkshire rapper Peter Sutliff (pictured)

He told the Mirror: “Sonia told me, ‘Oh, look at this house.’ He took me upstairs and there is a room full of paintings painted by Peter. One in their head.

“Peter’s head was on top of a soldier and he was a woman in full dress. Some of these were battle scenes, the Battle of Waterloo, at that time.

“If you see that the golden head belonged to one of them and to Peter on the other.

“He loved to draw.”

Sonia never sold their marital home in Manningham, Bradford, even though she never lived there. The house they bought for ,000 16,000 in 1977 is now worth about 250 250,000, but if it were sold to Sonia, Sutcliffe’s shares could go to the families of the victims.

Sonia quietly returned to the semi-detached house to take care of the garden.

Sonia had no idea he was a rapper

Sonia Sajurma, daughter of Ukrainian and Polish refugees, first met Sutcliffe in 1966 at a pub disco in Royal Standard, Bradford’s Red Light District. They got engaged a year later. They were married on August 10, 1974, and Carl said that his brother had completely hurt his new wife.

Less than a year later, however, lorry driver Sutlef picked up a hammer and began attacking the women, two in Keigley and Halifax.

A year later, he killed his first victim, Wilma McCann, a four-year-old parent.

When Sutcliffe was finally arrested in 1981 and unmasked as a serial killer, Sonia came to his side. When she first saw him at the Dewsbury police station after his arrest, Sonia asked: “What on earth is going on with Peter?” He replied: “It’s me, sweetheart. I’m a Yorkshire rapper. I’ve killed all the women.” To which he clearly replied: “Peter, what did you do for the world?”

Journalist Sharon Boyle yesterday told Sonia about her husband’s learning about the killer, who tweeted: “Hey Peter, how can you. Even a sparrow has a right to life. ”

Sonia never gave an interview, but was quoted by the Sheffield Star as a reporter who chatted with her during the trial.

Sonia Sutcliffe left Old Bailey in May 1981

He complained: “Of course I am by his side. I could not have taken part in the trial otherwise.”

Upon arriving at the Old Bailey, Sonia would crab on the floor of a taxi, but said: “I was there just to see her and let her know, it was worth it to us. It was really worth it.”

The Sheffield Star report quoted him as saying: “I know he’s gone a long way. I don’t know where he will be kept… but I must not see him every week. “Someone might try and come to me,” said Sonia, a pottery teacher. If that’s the case, then so be it. I hope I was a sterling and could fly away from these.

“I’ve thought about a new identity, but I don’t know how to change my name because I’ve never used my married name much.”

He said: “I never suspected anything – not even when the police took me to the Dewsbury police station to see him after his arrest. I didn’t think anything of it and laughed.

“I thought it would be clear soon and we would both be back home.

Sonia on a rainy day in Leeds in 2018

“Peter was interrogated before, but everyone in the Bradford area was interrogated. It was not unusual. Pete then broke the news to me at the Deusbury police station. He shook his head and said, ‘This is my love’. I can’t believe her … she behaved so normally at home. At home we mentioned murder once or twice, just in passing.

He recounted how he went to London for trial, recalling a trip with Sutcliffe 10 years ago.

He added: “I dreamed of love. We were very happy. ”

Sonia also spoke of a 20-minute visit with Sutcliffe to Brixton Prison a week before the trial ended.

The killer Kovid-19 died at the age of 74

He said: “He seems to be doing very well. But I can’t see inside his head. I can’t say what condition he is in. He told her to create a “new life” for herself. But he said: “I stood by his side. I wouldn’t have stayed here and I wouldn’t have gone to see him if I hadn’t cared. I’ll go see him wherever he is. I know he’s gone for a long time, but I don’t want to go too far. “

After she was jailed, Sonia visited Sutcliffe in Broadmoor every month. However, it is believed that her tour ended after she remarried in 1997. She now lives with her husband, hairdresser Michael Woodward.

Within four months of Sutiaf’s arrest, Sonia lost 2nd place.

His father Bodhan Sjurma said at the time: “He has gone through perfect hell. Her health has been damaged and she can’t sleep at night. The most important thing for my daughter is what she feels in her heart. When everything is over, he has to face the people. ”

Sabil met Broadmore in 1991, as did Yorkshire rapper Peter Sutliff, who was visiting boxer Frank Bruno to open a new gym.

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